The women in the Mar Thoma church also shared the spiritual power generated by the Reformation. The Mar Thoma Suvisesha Sevika Sangham, the women’s wing,   is an integral part of the Mar Thoma Church.

Our Sevika Sangham is blessed with very active and dedicated members. We provide our full support for the spiritual development of our church . Every woman of the Mar Thoma church above 18 years old is a member of the Sevika Sangham. We encourage their talents, participation and support for the growth and renewal of our church.



A Brief History

The Mar Thoma Suvisesha Sevika Sanghom the women’s wing, was inaugurated during the Maramon Convention in the year 1919, under the leadership of Abraham Mar Thoma Suffragan Metropolitan., who gave the Sanghom continued support and inspiration.

The organization owes much to the self sacrificing and indefatigable work of Mrs. Kandamma Varghese as organising Secretary for over 20 years travelling far and wide, organising branches in parishes, doing evangelistic work among Christians and non-Christians. She also served as General Secretary for a few years. Dr. Mrs. Annamma George served as organising Secretary for 14 years and organised centres and centre meetings. Her theological insights and vision have taken the women of the Sevika Sanghom to a higher level of thinking in the social and religious sphere.

The Vanitha Mandiram, the Bible school run by the Sevika Sanghom was established in 1925 at the headquarters of the Sanghom. The Mandiram has trained many women as evangelists since its inception. Miss kellaway, an Australian Missionary came with the help of C.M.S and served as the Principal of the Vanitha Mandiram to train the workers.



There are essentials components you will see in our Suvisesha Sevika Sangham

  • Help the women of the Mar Thoma Church to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • Help women to grow into the maturity and knowledge of Jesus Christ.
  • Equip women for Christian fellowship, worship life, and Biblically authentic family life.
  • Facilitate women to develop loyalty to the Church and participate in the growth of various organizations and institutions in the Church.
  • Equip women to participate in the mission of the Church.
  • Organize seminars, classes, workshops, conferences, etc. to create in women interest in Bible studies, faith, practices of the Church, history of the Church, and ecumenical relationships


As you are aware, The Malankara Mar Thoma Suvishesha Sevika sanghom is on the threshhold of entering its centenary year of missionary work, as the envoy of the church. In this context, Sevika Sanghom has resolved to hail and celebrate the year 2018-2019 in a befitting manner, as the centenary year with an array of humanitarian programme initiatives

In the 1.25 acres of land donated by Mr. John Manaloor of Indianapolis, USA, to the organization our Sevika Sanghom envisages creating suitable structures for job oriented training “Swayam Thranana” for eligible widows, destitute and marginalized section of women to learn job generating skills leading to financial independence. We are driven by the biblical mandate that it is sinful to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to scores of young mothers in our society who cannot afford daily living material resources, to whom we are mutually bound and ordained by the love and Grace of God to share and care as Christ’s disciples.

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